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why the bottom of the ninth?

  • For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the game of baseball. Like life, it is a game that is measured in small moments, a single pitch, a missed sign, a sacrifice fly to right in the bottom of the ninth to score the winning run. Moments when things change, sometimes forever. The bottom of the ninth is about those moments.

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I am a social worker, teacher and writer but most importantly, a mother to two amazing young men.


I'm a social worker, teacher and wanderer.

I love sports, especially baseball, which is a lot like life.

I root for the underdog.

I'm the granddaughter of Italian immigrants, which means I'm passionate.... about almost everything.

I've worked in community based non-profit organizations my whole life... And I loved what I did.

That is, until I went through a mid life crisis of sorts.

So I stopped doing what I was doing and started to teach. And now I love my work again.

But my most important job is being a mom to my two amazing young men.

And I write...


family, sports (especially baseball), cooking, entertaining, travel, reading, writing and all things Italian, especially cannolis.